Foam And Viscosity Boosters
The Foam And Viscosity Boosters are the amphoteric surfactants, which stay zwitterionic in nature. Offered are accessible with excellent foam boosting/stabilizing properties. They are suited for making the viscosity of anionic based formulations.
Fatty Alcohol Sulfates And Ether Sulfates
The Fatty Alcohol Sulfates And Ether Sulfates are used in various personal care products such as soaps, toothpaste, shampoos and others. These suffice as the inexpensive as well as highly effective foaming agent. They are appreciable for their cleansing as well as emulsifying properties.
Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates
Fatty alcohol ethoxylates are formulated from fatty alcohol as well as ethylene oxide. Offered are functional as main intermediate ingredient, suited for making the personal as well as home care products.
Mild Surfactants
Milder surfactants we deal in are gentle on the skin and thus are used in the formulation of several personal care products. These have high effectiveness and boast of stable composition.
We offer high-quality Pearlizers, which are used for making assorted personal care products such as shampoos as well as shower gels. These act as the high-quality thickeners as well as emulsifiers.
Surfactant Blends
The Surfactant Blends are the low foaming surfactants. These are stable in their acidic as well as alkaline pH ranges. These blends are the hard water resistant blends, which are popular as anionic as well as cationic surfactants.
Syndets And TBB
The Syndets And TBB are the bathing bar bases, used for making the 'Skin to Neutral pH' bathing bars. These show high effectiveness and are used to produce variety of personal care products.
The Sunscreens we offer are suited for protecting the skin and maintaining the stability in sunlight. They are used to make SPF creams and sunscreen lotions. The additives have effectiveness.
Functional Actives
The Functional Actives we deal in are accessible with fine texture, high viscosity, and a noticeable stabilizing function. In addition, these are apt for enhancing the aesthetic appeal as well as value.
Preservatives And Blends
The Preservatives And Blends we offer are applicable for the formulations for hair care, oral care and body care. These are simple to blend and make use of. The said solutions are functional as the high-quality emulsifying as well as stabilizing agents.

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